Howto Find ESB Benchmark Data

4 Jul

I can’t be the only person that has to use an enterprise service bus (ESB) and wants to compare them across the different venders that are out right now.  After much googleing, I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the ESB vendors don’t seem to provide ready benchmark data, which worries me a fair bit.  I’ve finally found something with data at ESB Performance, which is admittedly done by an ESB vendor (of Ultra ESB), but they do put their benchmarking system on EC2 so that you can replicate it yourself (or at least you could call their bluff in theory).  Thankfully there’s a graph:

which shows that UltraESB is the best (at least on this one benchmark).  Of course you don’t know how it’s configured (though you could dig into the EC2 setup if you wanted), or if the benchmark is a fair ESB sample (maybe it’s skewed toward Ultra ESB).  Hey, at least it’s something — I’ll still have to create my own benchmarks, but it’s nice to have at least a glimmer of data.


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