Paleontology 101 – Class 6/6

15 Jun

Class Notes

Travel trivia

  • managed to show up 20 minutes late – yay for evacuation and Denver traffic.

Talking about faults(the geologic ones) this evening

Sites to lookup

Fossils as living organisms

  • systematics
  • classification
  • taxonomy
  • parallel evolution vs convergent evolution


  • apomorphy – something that appears for the first time
  • synapomorphy – where that character shows up in more than one group
  • autapomorphy
  • plesiomorphy – a primitive character
  • symplesiomorphy
  • sister group
  • parsimony
  • clade
  • grade


How did the animals of the past live?

  • paleobehavior
  • paleoecology
  • functional morphology


What happens to animals after they die?

Taphonomy = biostratinomy + Diagenesis



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