Use Fabric to Setup your App for Beta distribution

16 Feb






Being fairly new to iOS development still, I wanted to try some of the current beta distribution tools.  The first one is Beta, which is part of Fabric (from Twitter).  Here’s the 11 steps you need to follow to get setup with it.

Step 1: Get the Fabric setup for your IDE




Click the image (above) that corresponds to your IDE.

Step 2: Unpack it



Step 3: Run the app

This step is fairly straight forward, just follow the directions for the plugin.


Step 4: It’s running.

This part confused me, as I wasn’t expecting it to run in the dock initially.  However, it was a 5 second hiccup.


Step 5: Setup to build for an iOS Device



Step 6: Build an Archive



Step 7: Distribute your app (via Beta popup)


Step 8: Choose your users or your groups:



Step 9: See if your users have launched the app or not:



Step 10: Drill down into your users for further info:



Step 11: See which builds you have deployed to your beta users


And you’re done.


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